Webseries Concept


“Grampa’s War”  is the story of a chaplain who, while serving in Vietnam, promises to finish the unfinished business of the soldiers in his ministry if they should die in battle. They each give him a letter containing their last wishes. The next day the soldiers are killed in a pivotal battle of the war.

Returning home, in a crisis of faith, the chaplain leaves the ministry and descends into addiction. Years later, now in recovery and in an effort to be at peace with his past, he takes the unopened letters from his men, containing their last wishes, to The Wall.

As he places the first letter by the name of his fallen friend something amazing and terrifying happens . . .

Art Direction/Production Design

Animated web series in grey scale / black + white for the “real world”.

Vietnam and “At the Wall” segments are treated in full color.

Concept Development